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I need to find cheap wedding supplies for my reception?

my theme is butterflie and frangipanis colours pink blue and purple. i live in australia and cant seem to find a great site to shop on. ineed table decorations and cheap chair covers prefer to buy not hire. have tried ebay but would like something more any suggestions please?

I need to find cheap wedding supplies for my reception?
One of the best things to do depending on "when" and how soon the big day is, I recommend shopping off season, ie: if your wedding colors are green, hit the St. Patty day plates and cups in solid colors or X-Mas and Valentines as well. Dollar stores sometimes have great things for favors like little zen gardens etc. that are nice not tacky or candles, look for off season finds every where you go. Sometimes you will find something great where you least expect it.
Reply:We found I think you spell it orential trading company they have cheap wedding stuff for reception just don't order the fake flower with the fake water dots on them I did and they looked like crap good luck to you congrats
Reply:http://www.orientaltrading has large butterflies and small ones that you could use in your decorating theme. They also have a wedding section, that has some very inexpensive items for weddings. Take a look at their site.
Reply:Try Party City
Reply:Look in the phone book for a store that sells discount party supplies. I used to work at a place where there were so many people either getting married or having babies, I was always helping decorate for showers and receptions. I always got the best stuff at the "party store".
Reply:Try e-favormart. I got all my stuff from there and was very satisfied with the merchandise.It was good quality and the prices were reasonable.Give thye site a look nd see if you like it.

Good luck amd happy shopping.
Reply:i got alot of my supplies from party city in the U.S they are reasonably priced and since you can order things online im sure they would ship to australia give it a shot its they have soooo many wedding and party decorations

oh and congratulations on getting married
Reply:try party city they have a lot of wedding things and other stuff or try your local dollar general


Who likes flowers?

which type of flower do you like?


who likes roses?sunflowers?daisies?

Who likes flowers?








Reply:I do.. my faves are nasturtiums
Reply:I do, i like all kind of flowers,but not the plastic ones.
Reply:I love Roses and Carnations ,wish I would receive them more than I do,I think flowers are a romantic jester.
Reply:I like orchids myself.
Reply:I love sunflowers hollyhocks dahlias delphiniums schizanthus cosmos alliums it is endless, but those are some of my favorites.
Reply:My darkest secret's here: I do Like when a girl gives me a flower.

Such a turn!
Reply:I love roses roses roses roses roses roses roses! Any color just love roses roses roses roses.
Reply:I love Daisies and carnations and of course Roses. Pink roses to be exact
Reply:I love roses. White roses, my fave. I also really like Star Gazer Lilies, so beautiful, I had them in my wedding bouquet.

Favourite flower and why?

mine has got to be frangipanis because they are gawjuss!!

Favourite flower and why?
White roses because they smell good, they're beautiful, they go with any color scheme, and they are easy to get.
Reply:lilacs, nice scent and colourful,

marigolds, scent

Reply:lilacs because my grandma used to have tons of lilac bushes around her house when I was growing up and they smell really good

Where can i find bulk wedding candles for my tables? the cheaper the better?

pink, purple and blue are my colours butterlies and frangipanis are my theme? where else can i look for table decorations?

Where can i find bulk wedding candles for my tables? the cheaper the better?
I had Frangipani candles 10years ago now but check out the below site they supplied ours %26amp; may be able to point you in the right direction.

good luck
Reply:you can check most websites for the candles your looking for. And most come in pink and or white. check oriental trading compay, they have lots of bulk items and they are cheaper for your budget.
Reply:You can buy tealights by the bag at a craft store. They are really cheap.
Reply:We bought packs of 12 candles in votive holders at AC Moore when they went on sale. I think we paid $4 per pack of 12 for the candle and holder.

Check your local dollar store and discount store like Walmart. You may get lucky there.

Another inexpensive route to go would be to do votive holders decorated in your colors and theme, then use tealights inside. You can get tealights super cheap at places like Ikea or craft stores. I paid $5 for a bag of 100 at Ikea.

Also, try these sites:

Here's some additional ideas: (can double as favors)

This is a cute idea, but expensive:

You can make your own here:
Reply:How about butterfly candles in the colors of your wedding for your tables? E-bay has vendors who sell brand new butterfly candles pretty reasonably. I just checked and after typing in "butterfly candles" there are several vendors with some really cute ones that come up.
Reply:Are you looking for floating candles, tapers, pillars?

Personally, I'd make a trip to the Dollar store.
Reply:ebay or try a dollar store like dollar tree
Reply:Try Sams Club or Costco
Reply:try to find a kirkland's or something to the effect nearby. i used to buy candle holders from them all the time and they're usually pretty reasonable. or you could do big plates (plastic is usually more reasonable in price...think like a gold or sillver) and put some of your flowers and greenery on them. i see plates with smooth stones or sand and candle arrangements on them all the time. very nice and clean looking.
Reply:i went to a/cmoores or if u would like i would get little fish bowls and put some rocks that r your wedding colors gold fish r cheap to i think i got my fish bowls for like 75cents at a/c Moore's and goldfish come in all colors and that is what i used as a center piece for my wedding it was really cheap and i let all the guests take them home it was nice for all the kids
Reply:You can try Ikea, or check below
Reply:I got 52 floating candles for $25 on Ebay
Reply:check out my website if you see anything you like and want to order bulk I can work out an extra discount for you.

Help with wedding colours!?

I am getting married in Bali and have no idea what colours to have the bridesmaids wear, I have my heart set on frangipanis as my flowers and love the alfred angelo dresses I thought the green and pink would match but the girls dont like the idea of green. I would like them to wear something that they are happy with. Any suggestions!!

Help with wedding colours!?
I'm not a particular fan of green, but that is a pretty dress and a pretty green . Does it come the other way around, pink with green accents? That would be pretty too.

A suggestion is to go multi color. Keep all the dresses at the same spot on the color wheel, but do a blue, a green, a yellow, a pink. And choose a style of dress, so they all still look like a wedding party.

We are assuming you mean the country Bali, and not like Bali, Arkansas. I'ts BALI, land of color. Check into some traditional colors of the country.
Reply:thank you, voter, for the best answer! Report It

Reply:I personally like the green and pink. Green is considered a neutral and will go with anything. Perhaps if you continue looking, you'll find another dress in the colors you want that the girls might like better...
Reply:I did sky blue
Reply:i almost used those same dresses but ended up finding something similar from david's bridal for less,my colors were pink and brown.

i would use those dresses, they are very pretty, i think you could still use the pink and green but maybe switch the colors so that it's more pink accented with the green. then your girls won't feel like they are wearing green as much. i know you can do this. or you could pick a neutral like a cream or white dress with pink accents or do two shades of pink.
Reply:Loving the idea of pink and green!

My own wedding colors are cornflower and canary.

You could try having them wear the dress in pink with green accents.

I was going to have my MOH wear the same dress as the other bridesmaids, only in a different color. Only problem: the MOH is extremely busty and the dresses are strapless.

So, we compromised and we're trying to find a dress that is similar that has straps/halter top so she won't feel like she's falling out all day long.

If all else fails... it honestly is YOUR wedding. As long as the actual style of the dress is fine on them, then they may just have to suffer with a green dress. It's not like they're ever going to wear it again anyway!

It's your day. As long as you're not bridezilla constantly, you can insist on the things you think are important... IE, the color of the bridesmaids dresses.

Good luck and congratulations!
Reply:pink and green sounds perfect for a Bali wedding. its your wedding, so it should be your vision. it doenst matter what your bridesmaids think. its not their wedding.
Reply:i think pink and green would be nice!
Reply:I think Its your wedding and they should feel honored that you want them to be in it. Pink and green are great colors. If they are true friends they should be happy to wear what you want
Reply:BTB 4/05/08

My colors are pink and lime green. My girls are wearing black ann taylor dresses that can be worn again. Then we are tying a pink sash bought from Davids Bridal into the black sash. I am super stoked about it and I think it looks GREAT!! Good luck!

Love the pink and green!

P.S. We cant see the dresses. The site will not pull up
Reply:The dresses are cute...I personally don't care for the colors ...I would go with something more exotic. Pink %26amp; Green reminds me of sorority colors...if they are paying for their own dresses - they should have some say...but it's totally up to you on the the colors...I would us pink %26amp; have them carry pink flowers with greenery. Visit one of my favorite bridal designers...and check out the pic
Reply:Pink and green sounds awesome... and its your wedding so its your choice.
Reply:If you want them to wear something they are happy with then you could ask them their opinion. I wouldn't necessarily take it if you do not like it but you could ask. If you don't like green but like the green and pink idea you could choose a teal color instead of plain green. That would still give you a great combination of colors (pink and teal) and still give you a greenish hint but without the green.
Reply:I like the peach fizz or sunshine ones. I loved the green and pink though, but I guess its important that your bridesmads feel comfortable. What about a blue/green colour.
Reply:Try a darker green. I'm not a fan of green myself but a nice Hunter green is alright. If it's not too hot. You could always run it by them and see what they say.

domain names

Can you plant a placenta??

I have freezed my babies placenta and I want to plant it in2 a big pot and grow frangipanis to denote new life. Is this possible ??

Can you plant a placenta??
you can plant it and many people do. It will decompose with the plant.

But you will not grow babies with it!!!
Reply:We are suppose to be considerate and have every possible intentions of answering to the best of our ability.

******** frangipani **********

correct spelling

why ask unless your Hindi?
Reply:it will work but you may get some nasty mushrooms/fungus popping up

Flowers similar to Lillys?

But not as pricey %26amp; will look nice in a bridal bouquet?

Or any suggested flowers for a Bridesmaids bouquet?

We have some ideas already but are interested in alternatives.

No frangipanis!!!!!!

Links to pics would also be greatly appreciated!

Thanks :o)

Flowers similar to Lillys?
Wow. I looked up some pictures of lilys and they are Beautiful!

Amaryllis looks very similar to a lily and is also beautiful and comes in different colors.

There is also the Iris (not my fav. but many love it) which is similar to a lily

And there is Freesia (which is very popular so should be cheap)

Hope this helps. Let us know what you decide!
Reply:I would suggest roses (as the classic option), or irises, or perhaps lilies-of-the valley?
Reply:Iris flowers, amaryllis, daffodill

those are about the only three that I know of that are close as far as looks